Cuisine in India is vast and wide ranging as it is a multi ethnic culture. Indian cuisines varying from region to region, different regions adapting different cuisine, Parambriym gives an opportunity for people to explore, in order to embark successfully on this journey of expansion.

Parambriym, an authentic South dining restaurant, awarded the 'Best Chettinadu Restaurant Award', with a mission of providing food and service of high quality, maintain traditional methods fused with the latest technology tantalizing the city's taste buds. Serving delicacies that taste similar to home-cooked food, Parambriym ever since it commencement has stood right by its objective- not to compromise on food quantity, quality and hygiene, which has been the ladder to their success. Bringing back the lost food culture of Tamilnadu, Parambriym, true to its name offers the kind of food which we once tasted from the hands of our grandmother. This fine South dining restaurant provides a range of dishes-Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamilnadu.

Parambriym presents an excellent franchise opportunity for those wanting to invest in this authentic 'Chettinadu cuisine' serving restaurant.

Welcoming franchisees from across the globe. Aiming to broaden in all spheres yet standing by its one law – serving home food, Parambriym is slowly and steadily cropping up healthily. Looking forward to see more young and determined people to take up the role of a franchisee, Parambriym also makes sure franchisees run the show and also take care of business which they believe is the key to success in the long run. Giving opportunity for smaller investors, Parambriym has introduced multi-cuisine concept highlighting Chinese, Biriyani and Tandoori which been introduced now. Parambriym which has in early stages caught the attention of many aims at reaching 50 outlets by the end of 2016, which with the optimistic response from people around the globe, it would without doubt achieve its goal.